Friday, September 30, 2016

30th September, 2016 Day Trip to Mars

As Mars is only two miles away this should have been a very quick journey but yet another flat tyre meant that I was late docking!

We don't know whether Mars has ever been long-reined in his previous home, but we do know that he has been lunged. As a young horse he doesn't need to be doing too many circles. I suspect a couple of areas of soreness in this horse, judging by his reaction to hand pressure, and wonder if he has been tied up to something solid when he was originally halter broken, or worn gadgets to bring him into an outline during his early training. He seems sore around his poll, bracheocephalicus, and pectoral muscles. He is due for another visit from the physiotherapist soon.

He is a horse who is a little wary of the new people he meets and their intentions towards him, however he has a growing circle of friends including his 'grandma', Karen.

His demeanour already seems a little sweeter
 Flo carried out all of the pre-flight checks for long reining including how he feels about lines touching him, being driven forwards, and the line going around his hindquarters. He was fine about all of that although a little anxious if there was any really sudden movement.

Flo naturally uses a 'mother hand' to reassure him but also to be able to feel his response.

Being driven was no big deal to him at all

Here Flo is 'measuring him for a suit' before stepping back out of his kick zone and asking him to turn away from her

All serene with two reins on: nice happy face too.