Tuesday, September 13, 2016

13th September, 2016 Getting a Bit Twitchy

Theoden was on Martin Peaty's list at his Lameness Clinic at The Barn Equine Surgery today. We still have no formal diagnosis but  the most likely candidate now seems to be his coffin joint. Accordingly Martin has injected the joint with a steroid whilst Theoden was still partially sedated and I was holding the so-called humane twitch quite tightly on his nose even though twitches are against my religion. As Martin said, "They may be against your religion bit we can't have a bent needle going into a joint." As there is no room for extra liquids, the success of the injection depends on the repeated removal of synovial fluid to make room for the steroid. No painkillers for a week and still turned out so that we can see the net effect next Tuesday.

As always he loaded and travelled really well. Given the choice he stands diagonally  facing the back and he doesn't move much at all.

Heading back to Fritham we saw these gorgeous bucks making the most of the sun.