Thursday, September 15, 2016

16th September, 2016 Reaching New Heights

A long planned assignation was almost cancelled due to thunderstorms but fortunately they were spent by mid-morning.

Shire Horse, Lady, is nineteen years old and does dressage and showing. Author and friend, Hazel, (Southam: My Year with A Horse), borrows her from time to time and just loves how trustworthy she is.

Lady lives at a farm with some glorious old buildings and some lovely grazing. She wears a nose net to make her comfortable in the summer.

Our route took us along a track overlooking Marwell Zoo where Bactrian Camels and a zebra could be seen in the distance. Trot was interesting because it felt like twenty minutes between rise and fall.

Ivy and Henrietta were lit up after the storms and weren't at all sure that they wanted to come in. Luckily I had some work to do before I needed them to come in.

Nichola came over to Fritham for a long reining lesson with Petra who is normally very responsive; even if you give her the wrong instructions she will take you ate your word and do as she thinks you have asked.

Nichola went over the poles a few times before perfecting her steering!

Paul decided that the best approach was to imagine that you were crewing a boat! Hence the phrase pushing the boat out.

It was an 'insect' day at their daughter's school so she joined in too...and like all good horses Petra was very happy to work for her...

...and of course every horse needs to be ridden back to their field.

C also did some training with Jack and Henrietta.

Today was a consolidation day for Ivy who was unnerved by the howling wind. She did her little best and the clicker training helped her to give it all a go.