Thursday, September 15, 2016

15th September, 2016 Pressing Engagement

Another steamy September day but I was up at the farm before the heat set in to be greeted by this interesting character at the gate...

...Ivy, and our own horses. Good news, Théoden appears to be less lame although not sound.

Next stop, Totland on the Isle of Wight, where the ponies at the Hermitage Hotel had taken over the grounds again; Tracey's jumping skills are coming on.

"Thanks to you and Tracey for all he super photos. It is so good to see Mollie working in such a more relaxed way, I felt she was really listening yesterday and trying to do as she was asked. Thank you so much for your continued training with her, without you I think she would have been a nightmare, still loved but a nightmare !!" JB
After another sea crossing it was home via Rhinefield where we caught sight of this glorious buck.