Thursday, September 1, 2016

1st September, 2016 All Yours Babooshka

Lovely to see Welsh Cob, Oscar, loading each time every time for his owner Gigi. When I first met her she described him bolting out of the trailer backwards! She's been practising loading quietly for a couple of weeks since that first visit and has it all down to a fine art. We started to introduce the mock back bar and predictably he started to back out rather rapidly. Rather than practice this 'no' or risk him running into the real back bar and frightening or hurting himself, we erected the panels around him so that there was less space for him to run into and then continued to ask him to load and to stand. Once he was ready we then put the real bar in place and fastened it properly. It's important that fasteners are put in place even when practising so that there is no risk of it being dislodged.
Oscar is being a little star (touch wood) have been able to trailer him and have the bar and the back up with absolutely no problem! He's been an angel with both my parents having a go with putting up the bar and closing up the trailer completely. Thank you so so much for working with me and Oscar it's helped so much!" GCC

I have two main priorities with Ivy now. To equalise her left and right sides so that she no longer feels driven to turn her left side to everyone who goes near her, and to make her ears and face feel more comfortable by putting a fly hat on her. The loosely fitted scarf on the right allowed me to take it forwards and backwards over her ears. Once it was in place she really seemed to like it. The Velcro is coming off the fly mask tonight and being replaced with light clips.

The Shetlands are making the most of the new dragon's teeth.