Friday, September 2, 2016

2nd September, 2016 Clockwork

Dusky is an Appaloosa x Quarter Horse and therefore entitled to be called a full Appaloosa
A bit of a belt and braces job this morning to make sure that Dusky loaded and travelled to her new fields as safely as possible. Normally I am not a great fan of sedation but Dusky's two previous experiences of travelling were horrendous and her owner didn't want to go through any of that again. It's been eight years since she travelled and the first time, as a yearling, she went under the breast bar in a trailer and got firmly wedged. Not only did she scream but the bar was actually bent. On a second occasion some years later, she tried to climb out of a 7.5 tonne horsebox, smashing the roof-light while she was at it. What we needed today was the quietest and safest way of loading, and the safest way of travelling possible.

Amy the vet gave her a very low dose of sedative

With my panels all set up, Donna chose to load her when she could see that Dusky was going to go in quietly
This lorry is the same one that Zelda and Zoe travelled in recently and has a full height partition which can be placed at half to full width of the lorry enabling a horse to travel loose if necessary. The lack of a breast bar or partition means that there is nothing for a horse to scramble over. (Southern Equine Transport).

There was a second journey to collect Jaine and her daughter Spirit, who were able to travel loose together.

Much relief all round when all of the horses had all arrived at their new pastures.

Some brief encounters on the way over to work with Ivy.

These two donkeys, seemed very pleased to have a jack in their midst (below left)...

...although his courtship techniques seemed a little rough!

The ponies seemed to be pretty lit up too...

Ivy is wearing even more protection from the midges now...