Friday, September 9, 2016

9th September, 2016 Up Periscope!

Two similar appointments today with horses that are fairly new to their owners.

Friesian Ebony is an eight year old mare that has had two foals in her past. Education- wise she is a four year old horse in an eight year old suit and her owner is keen to work from the ground up. That's a long long way when her head goes up in the air but I guess if you've got a periscope you are going to use it! With most Friesians a high head carriage isn't evidence of an adrenalin rush and even when their heads go up suddenly they often don't react in any other way.

She has a lot of filling out to do, both physically and mentally, having had a couple of foals which she has probably done very well at a cost to her own development and weight.

She has a super temperament, coping with going over the bridge with its gaudy temporary repairs with only a moment's hesitation. I advised owner, Pauline, to swap sides so that she was leading Ebony on her off-side and was therefore between 'the thing' and the horse. In this way Ebony could take her courage from Pauline.

Same again in the school. Ebony was looking at everything around the outside of the school but a change in direction this time reassured her that Pauline was alert to all of the dangers and would provide protection. The periscope could then come down and she looked about a hand shorter.

We always take a training opportunity so grabbed the chance to meet this walking group allegedly getting fit but making their way to the pub. Ebony looks calm but has a running foot up at the back.

When she puts on condition she will blossom...

...and in the meantime she can learn some useful skills, like going forwards and backwards!

Further down the motorway it was time to meet Carl's new horse, Highland, Warlock. His name plate comes complete with thistles...

Having worked with me before, Carl only needed to fine tune some of his techniques and look at a bit more consistency and conviction. Warlock proved to be very amenable.