Thursday, January 14, 2010

14th January, 2010 Leggy

It's been over two years since I saw Leggy. He's now ready to be started and in fact Heather has already been on his back with and without a saddle and he has been fine; she's done a great job. Today I assessed whether he is ready to go on to being ridden more regularly and started him off long reining so that we can teach him to accept direction and build up his fitness. He was a very good boy and clearly liked having something to do.

Heather told me some of the things she has done with him: "Thank you for your email with all the information and for your visit today. I'm glad that you liked what you saw, especially as I try to be mindful of my actions around my bonny boy. I have tried to teach him well to prepare him for all sorts of things . So I often do seemingly loopy activities with him, including draping clothes over his head or banging saucepans in front of him! Currently he thinks that the huge sheet of plastic that I use when pruning is the best game ever and loves to chase after it and demolish it when it flaps."HS