Saturday, January 23, 2010

23rd January, 2010 I am ecstatic

Jack and I have been on our first walk out of the field!! I made sure that he was pretty engaged with me and the clicker bag and happily accepting the lead rein before creating two little petals just outside the field gate. When he appeared to be absolutely fine, we set out on a very short walk across the open forest to the inclosure. In the inclosure we went on a little circuit before very quietly wandering off home. Jack was attentive all the way round and although he was slightly excited/apprehensive, he stayed close and seemed to enjoy his first trip out. Jack came in off the Forest when he was less than six months old and has only moved fields once in the 12 years since. He has never ever been for a walk before and you'll remember that he only had his first headcollar on last year.

I am slightly worried about telling Jenny as she was desperate to be there the first time but if she will go swanning off to an all weekend party and then a two day horse psychology course, she can't expect me to sit on my hands the whole time she is away.

Julie is working out how to send the pictures that she took on her mobile phone.