Monday, January 4, 2010

4th January, 2009 I'm Your Venus

A 5 a.m. start today to meet up with Kelly and the Countryfile Team at Adam's Farm in the Cotswolds. Kelly had been asked to work with this pretty little filly, Venus, that Adam intends to keep as part of his herd of rare Exmoor Ponies. Despite the chilling weather, we had a great day with Venus headcollared and leading within a couple of hours. Adam and the film crew seemed to be very impressed. Along with abandoning branding next year, we hope that Adam will feel able to adopt the techniques he saw in action today. Countryfile now has a huge audience on Sunday nights and appeals to people from all walks of life not just the farming community so I'm hoping that this session will be seen by lots of people - I'm not sure on which date this will be shown. Although I was understudy today, I really enjoyed my day. Adam is a really genuinely pleasant chap and I'm a definite fan.