Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5th January, 2010 Training Days

This year I am offering two types of training day to anyone who wants to come without their horse. The first is the Recommended Associate Training Day where you can accompany me to my appointments and in my work at home on a typical RA day. We can talk about horses all day long and different types of horsemanship and I will explain what I am doing as I go along. These cost £30 per day.
The second is a one to one training day where you can choose what sort of work you would like to cover and get to participate throughout the day. We can cover anything from groundwork, desensitisation, long-reining, loading, clicker training, care of the New Forest pony and so on. These days cost £99 for the day and include lunch at the local pub.
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I am happy to supply gift vouchers for any value towards any of the training days, courses, clinics or one-to-one horse training that I do.