Friday, January 15, 2010

15th January, 2010 Achilles update

Just about a month ago I went out to see Achilles (see entry for 11th December) who wasn't happy to be touched or caught and was also jumping out of his field. I got this from Leanne today:

"We have had another major improvement, so thought I would send you an update.
You may have seen on IHDG that both my liveries are on box rest so Illie was evicted from his stable, I turned him out with the herd praying I would be able to catch him again. First evening Tuesday could get nowhere near him, I spent wednesday approaching him every couple of hours, produced a carrot or gave him a rub and left - by the evening he was leaving the herd to come and see me, Wednesday evening and last night he came to call when I went out, allowed me to put headcollar straight on and came in for an evening feed with the others. The field is 10 acres and its a mixed herd of 6. At lunch I went to check on them I called him and he came straight over to the fence to say Hi :-)"

Isn't that great?