Friday, December 16, 2011

16th December, 2011 New Forest Roads Campaign

With 46 animals now killed or injured on the B3078 alone, I think its time that there was real and prolonged public outcry. This Facebook page has been set up to record events including deaths on the roads and suggestions for how they might be avoided. Twilight and foggy conditions create the greatest risk with commuters hurrying on their way to work and home again with scant regard for the safety of the ponies. Lovely Simon Palmer, the wildlife and equine photographer and film-maker has offered to make a special film focussing on this issue and preparations have already begun. We need to target businesses around the Forest, at either end of these commuter roads to increase awareness. During the day, delivery and courier service vehicles seem to the be the worse culprits for speeding and I have taken to ringing their companies when I see them doing it. Fortunately it does seem to be taken seriously. Please find this page on Facebook and support it.