Friday, December 2, 2011

2nd December, 2011 Walking backwards for Christmas

Back to basics groundwork today teaching Daniel and later, Rio, how to back up softly. In Daniel's case he has never been taught (although I am sure he can do perfectly well on his own!) and has a strong into-pressure response. In Rio's case he has been backing up rapidly in the show ring when asked to stand still in ridden classes possibly as a reaction to being asked not to move forward when he has too much adrenalin running around to be able to comply. I felt that it was important for his owner to 'own backwards' on the ground first. Both horses were a good example of 'if in doubt, halve the pressure rather than double it' (the lead rein is not connected to the training ring of the Dually). Rio was a particularly good example of 'cobs can' too.