Thursday, December 1, 2011

1st December, 2011 Remember me?

Little Mussels is living in the lap of luxury with his best mates Elmo and Welly (Wellow Leaf). Mussels was such good company for Chancer last winter and very fortunate to find a home with Linda and her family just the day before he was due to be branded and put back out on the Forest. I also played a part in Welly's life a few years ago when I halter trained him as part of a course and he is one of the stories in No Fear, No Force. He is now being ridden and doing very well. I believe that Wellow Nettles is still available if anyone would like to buy him off Diana. They always turn into lovely ponies and of course Jack is a Wellow pony too. This winter Chancer is likely to be joined by Peechay for a month or so and a further mystery guest if she decides to come and stay.