Wednesday, December 26, 2012

26th December, 2012 Point to Point

The rain held off for the actual running of the New Forest Point to Point today. This is the only authentic point to point in the country in that the riders ride across country from one point to another, without knowing the course until the actual day. I was pleased to have been involved in some small way with five of the ponies running today including Jenny's pony Joe. Jenny did such a great job of getting him and herself fit, forgoing a decent Christmas dinner yesterday.

Selling programmes before the start of the races.

Winner of the Children's Race (10 to 13 year olds).... all smiles

Duke, winner of the Children's Race (14 to 16 year olds) in a very tactical finish - I started Duke for his owners a good few years ago. I was always very fond of him despite the fact that he squashed my foot on one occasion!

Randalls Marshmellow - did some groundwork and long reining work with him some years ago when he was with a previous owner.

Finishing the last part of the race on foot, Rushmoor Waterfall (aka Oliver) came in to me for preparation for starting and loading.

And then our lovely Jenny and Joe. They came fifth in their first point to point and seem to have had the time of their lives...

What do you mean I'm not tall enough to be a racehorse?