Monday, December 3, 2012

3rd December, 2012 I think we're alone now

Yes!!! This morning I tacked Theoden up and led him over to Janesmoor Pond where I got on board and rode him through King's Garn and Coppice of Linwood, away from the direction of home and back again. He hesitated momentarily at the beginning so I simply asked him to take eight strides slightly to the left and then eight strides slightly to the right. This seemed to unlock his mind and his legs and off we went at walk and trot all the way round. His adrenalin was a little higher than when we have another horse for company but he didn't look for trouble and felt great. Our nearest thing to undoing came when we passed the nursing home on the way back and the cook chose that moment to flap her tea towel next to an open window. No photos as the lighting would have been awful what with my beaming smile and the sun shining out of Theoden's autumn coloured bottom.