Friday, February 20, 2015

20th February, 2015 As You Were

Following Jodie's second visit, both Bella and Nettles have recovered the ground that we lost when we back-tracked with a new rider. We're looking forward to making new progress next week and then to a month of  more intensive work with both of them.

We met another young pony on our way round the inclosure this morning. He and Nettles were happy comparing notes for a little while.

A couple of little problems that we need to resolve. Since being rewarded with clickered treats, Nettles is keen to spot me wherever I am and wanted to go a little faster than Jodie did.

Bella was happy to be lead around the field next to Theoden for a while but when she tired of it she thought she might like to roll, with Jodie on board! I was reminded that this was her default behaviour as a yearling when she objected to being led somewhere, she would just lie down!

Hopefully a change of subject will distract both of them next week.