Saturday, February 7, 2015

7th February, 2015 Primary School

A few weeks before Christmas our neighbour's house was razed to the ground. Not a thing could be saved although fortunately all of the people and most of their animals escaped unharmed. I can't imagine how it must have felt losing every personal possession you have except for the clothes you are standing up in. It makes you think about the things that you would try to grab as you went out. For me, apart from all the living things, it would be my hard-drive (all those photos!) and my horsey books. Luckily most of them are actually replaceable.

So what's on the list of 'Desert Island' Books? I like books that make sense to me.

The latest addition would be "The Essence of Good Horsemanship" by Ross Jacobs - a straightforward book with a pragmatic and practical approach to horses. I particularly like his emphasis on the horse's Primary Thought and how everything stems from the need to have an influence on that.

Kelly's books are always a refreshing read, with loads of good exercises you can do with your horse.

and if I was allowed a 'Complete Works of..." it would be Mark Rashid because his books are so readable even if you don't have a horse to work with.

Riding-wise I'd choose Heather Moffett and Perry Wood

For clicker training I always recommend Ben Hart's book "Clicker Training for Horses" which could do with some colourful pictures but makes total sense.

and I also love Tom Widdicombe's book Be With your Horse for it's unemotional approach.

If I was only allowed one book then I guess I'd grab my own, not just because it's my only contribution to the world, but also because there might be semi-feral ponies on my Island.