Monday, February 23, 2015

23rd February, 2015 Reflections

It's been exactly ten years since I said goodbye to the courts to become a full time Recommended Associate. I've met so many horses and owners during that time of all shapes and sizes and with all sorts of issues and challenges, hopes and dreams. At the start I hoped that my business would grow and grow, that I'd get staff, a posh yard, and run courses, but in time I have realised that it is the one to one training, wherever the owner wants to be that works the best for everyone. Thus, there's no adverts for "What's New for 2015!", I'm just going to keep doing my thing, tailor making training for horses and their owners and making the most of our forest setting to get horses out and about and confident.

Spring is around the corner, although you might not think it, and the new IH magazine is on it's way. The front features Jackie Hall's pony, Charley, and inside there's details of the British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Associations' transport survey. Join IH at Intelligent Horsemanship to get your copy.