Friday, February 6, 2015

6th February, 2015 Salt and Pepper

Bitterly cold these last few days and that means that there is ICE on the Forest roads. Where there's ICE, there's often SALT, laid down by the County Council. And where there's SALT there's often ANIMALS desperate to lick it off the roads day and night. PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY.

It's been three weeks since Kestrel went out thanks to the weather and a trailer session last time. He was pretty awake when we set off with Tracey in tow, pushing the buggy just for a bit of extra interest. He soon settled and seemed very happy to be out.

We came across Nadia, and her lovely New Forest pony, Pepper, and followed him up the road a little way.

It was an extremely windy day and Kestrel started off being frightened of this plastic bag in the gorse bush but soon switched to curiosity.

Lots of wild ponies sheltering from the wind including this one that looked very long backed!

Later, you'd be forgiven for thinking we had gone up to Scotland what with the combination of Highland Pony, distant pines, and the weather. I was Shay and Bronagh's Christmas present and we spent a happy session going through the basic groundwork exercises.

More than just being about moving a horse's feet, these exercises are about connecting with his mind. Just look what happens when Bronagh does more than offering a cue and thinks about Shay moving laterally away from her.