Wednesday, February 4, 2015

4th February, 2015 Big Time Sensuality

First visit of the day was to Bluebell. Wind and rain mean that she hasn't been able to go out that much in the last couple of weeks so we started off by long reining her  before Anne got on board. Once again we were working on asking her to soften to the bit and we also worked on some backing up and turns on the forehand.

Next stop after a lovely pub lunch was to meet and do a little work with Icelandic Horse, Minn. Minn was bred in Scotland and travelled all the way here to be with her new owner, Jane. Pretty unsettled by a number of changes of livery yard, Minn is now a calm and happy pony. Jane has been using a bit of clicker training with her and is doing really well. We enjoyed having an indoor school to work in.

She doesn't look a bit like Bjork