Wednesday, April 15, 2015

15th April, 2015 Easy

Following on from a nice loading session with Reno last week, it was time to train owner Mary to be able to do the same thing. He asked just enough questions for me to be able to demonstrate how to answer them before loading willingly time and time again.

We progressed to putting up the back ramp...

...and unloading calmly off the front one.

Next door neighbour and friend, Natalie, at the fields, has recently turned out her two geldings onto the Forest. Jasper is busy collecting girlfriends (with very little effort) and making promises he can't keep.

Blue, hidden in the middle of this little group, has shown him the best water source.

I've been wanting to try Theoden in a Pelham for quite a while. Although he accepts the Rocking S snaffle he occasionally gives it a good shake and pushes through it and I want to establish whether it is THAT bit or just ANY bit that brings on that reaction. I spent a little while on the ground today gently asking him to soften to the top rein...

...and then the bottom. When he is ridden in it I will need to ride with two sets of reins.

The barn is coming on well.