Thursday, April 2, 2015

2nd April, 2015, Brunettes, Redheads, and Blondes

Tracey had her first ride out on Bella this morning. Thanks to Jodie's work she has seen Bella's progress and guauged how she reacts to things and so all went without a hitch.

Although we didn't go very far, Bella was pretty tired when we got back - mentally more than physically I suspect. Tracey has very deliberately lost a stone in weight in order to make Bella's life easier.

Theoden sets across the field to find his lunch...

Petra powers across too...

But what's this? That's not Bella...

No, she's asking for a lift...

and finally decides she can just about trot over. 

This afternoon I went off to meet, assess, and start work with Ruby an eleven year old Norwegian Fjord pony. She is absolutely beautiful and has a lovely nature. She was born in Holland and spent many years as a broodmare. Her new owner wants her brought back into work and will hopefully be bringing her down to me in a couple of weeks. Another trainer has washed his hands of her and so it was with some trepidation that I began to work with her but I could find nothing untoward. In fact she was very responsive and seemed to enjoy our session. Let's hope it stays that way when she stays our way.

Getting the touch right - a deep flat touch resulted in a calm, relaxed pony.

Checking that she doesn't just take the bit and leave. 
Email received 7.4.15:
"I have been doing the in hand ground work with her in the school and also when leading in and out of the field. We walk for five, stop, back up and turn in different directions. Today as I felt we had more confidence with each other we went alone for a walk in hand along Clarendon lane and passed a few cars and a group of cyclists. She did have a few spooks but I talked to her reassured her in a quiet voice with a rub and kept her feet moving she licked and chewed and lowered her head and began to relax. When we turned to come back to yard she did quicken the pace and tried to push on in front but I asked her gently to back up as you taught me and she responded well.  Also she now greets me at the gate and is standing ready and waiting at five on the dot to come in." CG