Tuesday, May 10, 2016

10th May, 2016 Visitors

Today we had lots of visitors, wanted and unwanted. Unfortunately proximity to the Forest means that we do occasionally pick up the odd social disease! Yesterday I discovered that Henrietta was lousy and so all the horses at the farm had to be dunked, not quite, in Deosect solution today. I hate applying strong chemicals to my horse internally and externally but needs must where the lice drive! They'll need to be done again in about a fortnight.

Henrietta was none too impressed about being rubbed with a soggy feather duster which didn't smell very nice. 

Twizzle went out for a walk with five lady friends today...Lorraine, Louise, Tracey, Georgia and myself. This all helps him to generalise the message that people can be trusted - although we need to find him a man soon.

Later Benny's owner, Debbie came over to go riding since Benny is on sabbatical at the moment.