Thursday, May 26, 2016

26th May, 2016 The Pony Programmer

I worked with a great young man this afternoon who also goes by the name of Jack. He is studying I.T. at college and that made our training very easy to explain. He and his Mum, Sarah, have been working with Flicka ever since my last visit in March, and achieved brilliant results. For a yearling Flicka is beautifully behaved.

We talked about how Flicka is programmed to be a horse and, that in order to get along in the world of humans, she needs to have some additional programs installed although of course horse will always be her default or manufacturer's setting.

We talked about how the training has to be built up incrementally, like coding, so that there are no bugs in the program.

Hence we started with the umbrella being small (smaller than this) but worked gradually towards er...

...okay, so Flicka decided to have a lie down and we needed to keep the sun off her of course!...


...and this. We finished with some foot handling.

What I liked about Jack was that he was pretty unemotional about the whole thing although clearly he really likes his Mum's horse. He just worked on any glitches and then carried on.
"Firstly thank you for yesterdays lesson, we both enjoyed learning as always! Thank you also for Flicka's Dropbox, it is brilliant, Jack has put it on a app on my phone so I can look at the lovely photo's of us all anytime of the day!" SS