Wednesday, May 11, 2016

11th May, 2016 (Photo)bombproof

Henrietta seems to have forgiven me for yesterday's ignominy...

She was keen to help with today's training too. Save for his field shelter, Twizzle has never been indoors and was hesitant about going in and staying in. We need to get him used to it before attempting to tie him up in there. For today he was held in hand while he was groomed and had his feet picked up.

Henrietta considers the bridges to be her property and complains bitterly if anyone else uses them.

Twizzle amazed us all by plucking up the courage to walk over the tarpaulin and to stand on it too.

"Am thrilled with what you have done with Twiz, can't believe you have achieved so much so soon! He seems very happy and i am very proud of him.He seems to really trust Georgia now and looks like he is trying hard to please her. I think getting him indoors was a massive step. I loved the fact that Henrietta joined in today.She looks like she likes him now which is sweet."
He also volunteered to follow Georgia when free.

This afternoon's appointment featured five year old coloured cob Jessica. Her new owner was told that she was seven but her teeth tell another story and her level of experience is way below even that. Nevertheless, she is pretty bombproof but that can make life difficult when she decides to nap. No amount of body language will work and she is also immune to the legs when a rider is on board. We did get her going but it took some effort on our part with very little on hers!

On the way home we spotted three year old New Forest stallion, Knavesash Gold Fever, crossing the road. He is by Willoway Double Gold.