Sunday, May 15, 2016

15th May, 2016 Sunday Service

With work getting very busy again Twizzle found himself at Sunday School. I need to teach him to load but with his nerve levels I thought it would be best to make it entirely voluntary rather than putting him under any pressure at all.

He often likes to follow Henrietta's lead so we went around the bridges first...

...before taking a look at the ramp.

With Henrietta clattering up and down he soon got used to the noise...

...and started to look for the barley rings on the ramp.

I kept a careful watch to make sure that they didn't attempt to go in at the same time just in case one of them got shirty about having all of the food, or either of them felt trapped. This is why I urge people not to leave open trailers in their fields for their horses 'to get used to'. It's the last place you need a squabble or a kicking match.

Once Twizzle was really interested in going on, I persuaded Henrietta to go into the other field while we carried on. The first time he came down the ramp he leapt it...

...but the next time he backed off calmly. We shall do some more in a couple of days.
"I think today's blog should be titled 'No Force No Fear'! What a huge step forwards. Thank you so much and thanks to Henrietta too!...He looked so confident and happy on the ramp." CH