Friday, May 13, 2016

13th May, 2016 Setting the Scene

A serene start to the day at Breamore water meadows as I picked Georgia up at the bus stop.

After she's got the chores done and I had worked with Henrietta, it was time to work Twizzle again.

He continues to make great progress and is becoming ever more confident.

The pole exercise is a useful one as you can choose which section you go over and increase and decrease the size of the circle.

A change is as good as a rest so we took him out for another walk. From being terribly afraid of the bushes, today he was willing to go through them and is becoming more confident about horizontal trees too!

This afternoon I was reunited with Kesali and Copper, now both five years old, New Forest geldings. Their owner has been slowly bringing them back into work ready for getting on board again soon.

Both are long reining nicely but are understandably distracted by the good grass beneath their feet. This can make getting a flow pretty difficult and it can feel as if the handbrake is on. We don't want the handler putting in even more effort than the horse. Hopefully we'll soon be able to go out on the roads and tracks around the Forest.