Tuesday, December 29, 2009

29th December, 2009 New year, new ponies

Serendipity, the Curly foal is Lorraine's new pony and I am hoping to meet her in the New Year. The breed standard of this North American horse says this:
"Whether in draft, pony, or in one of several saddle types, the North American Curly horse is a very naturally successful horse. We look for a hardy, sound, well proportioned, well-balanced curly-coated horse,usually seen with a high head carriage and forward way of going with an overall desirable conformation. It will show a gentle, calm, docile demeanor, yet remain alert. It will exhibit friendliness, intelligence, and a willing, dedicated work ethic. Stallions will display masculinity and mares will display femininity. Thickness and type of muscle pattern will vary with type, but its muscling will be ideal for the disciplines its type is best suited for.
The coat is the Curly’s main "claim to fame". The Curly horse does have a unique curly coat. It is most obvious in winter, when its longer coat shows thick dense curls similar to a sheep fleece. In summer, the Curly horse sheds its thick curly body coat for a smoother, sleeker summer coat, which may or may not show evidence of curl. Its mane and forelock, the hair inside it ears, and often its fetlocks will typically remain conspicuously curly year round. The Curly coat is hypoallergenic for many people allergic to other horses."
In the meantime, Jenny has been playing with her Mum's new pony, Poppy, who is about 19 months old and pretty bombproof already. It looks like she will be really useful at the household chores, especially, laundry.