Friday, December 4, 2009

4th December, 2009 Davy's On the Road Again

Following our mounting session a couple of weeks ago, Davy went out for his first ride today with me on foot. We didn't go very far but it was a good start and he coped with traffic and lots of stuff down at the local garage. He wasn't too impressed with water - and there's a lot of it around so that's something we can look at next. We also need to try a different bitting arrangement as he simply plonks his tongue over this one. Dawn is going to give the low port comfort snaffle a go and we might need to put a drop noseband on for a little while - I am hopeful that we can avoid putting a dreaded flash on him if we can find something that suits him better. I suspect (but I don't know) that he has never really been taught how the bit works and has simply leant on it or shoved his tongue over it to avoid the pressure of it.