Friday, December 4, 2009

4th December, 2009 Bay watch

An early start this morning to go and meet Nicola and Katie (the last of the bay babies this week). This meant a beautiful journey across the Forest as it woke up. Katie is normally a quiet, polite girl but revently she has started to waft her front legs at Nicola on the way out to the field. Having seen her in action it was quite impressive and obviously working for her. I often think that young horses are like the trunk of a baby elephant, they've got 4,000 muscles and they need to know what each one of them can achieve. That's what survival is all about. Anyway, we needed to end Katie's experiments with this particular activity and with some counted stops and backing up we got there. Funnily enough when she does go out in the field, she doesn't explode with energy, so this is just a little pattern that she had got into.