Monday, May 24, 2010

24th May, 2010 New week, familiar faces

Maverick has fully recovered from his operation and so it was good to go and work with him with no pressure whatsoever to take him anywhere or achieve anything in particular. He is a genuinely good sort and very pleasant to be around. He was very curious about the umbrella and really wanted to follow it around.
It has been nine months since Ludo was long reined (and even then only once at a walk) yet he was fine straight away with it and we worked at walk and trot in the round pen and then out into the big paddock. I also short reined Flicka on the Forest and she now has her reins on her bit.
"Just had to say what a lovely morning I had with you and Maverick. It's not until you have gone and I get home that it all sinks in. It was so nice to do stuff without any pressure.
I think my best bit was the umberella. I have been intrigued by it for ages, not knowing quite what you used it for. I looked up Michael Peace's book and saw that the front cover has him holding an umberella while sat on a horse. I thought to myself, Maverick will be able to do that :-) " Nicki
25.5.10 "Well the walk went really well. We went out for about 20 mins, somewhere where he had never been before. Yet again as light as a feather to lead and walked at my shoulder all the way round. We met a man with 2 dogs, not bothered. Went under a canopy of trees where it was darker, not bothered. Tried to chase a car, couldn't be bothered and followed a lady with a pram and 3 dogs, so not bothered :-) It was so enjoyable, I can't wait to go out again." Nicki
30.5.1o "I have taken Maverick out for a walk every day this week (except yesterday). Today we managed to go out for 45 mins. He has been such a good boy. He has taken it all in his stride and is very forward going and enthusiastic. A real pleasure to take out. :-)" Nicki