Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5th May, 2010 Spa day

Flicka's first day at school went really well. She's a light, polite girl. She is very dainty and has the most exquisite ears. We did a little bit of groundwork - just a stand still, forwards, backwards and turning her hindquarters before going out for a walk on the Forest. I worked on her leading by doing some counted stops and she was great company. When you think that horses generally explore new areas by galloping about testing out escape routes, its amazing that they will co-operate and walk out steadily and surely.
Oliver arrived at 8 p.m. last night having blotted his copybook with his owner by refusing to load for over four hours; being fair though he hadn't had any practise. He settled down well once he had arrived and today enjoyed his pedicure and massage along with all of the others. He's the one at the top pulling his best ecstatic face. Theoden loved it too.