Saturday, May 8, 2010

8th May, 2010 Hey you! Get Off My Cloud

My facilities may not be posh but my landlord does leave me to my own devices. As the sole occupant, I can choose whether I want to work alone or with other people and I choose my companions carefully. They are usually like minded and supportive. I go to a lot of livery yards where the pressure from other horse owners and the yard owner really undermines the confidence of others on the yard particularly when they are trying to find their own way. Sometimes persuing a horse philosophy which is based on non-violence, a natural lifestyle for the horse and even just taking a safer, slower approach seems to invite ridicule, unwanted opinion and back stabbing. This in turn affects the owners relationship with their horse as they start to dread going to the yard or working with their horse. I have known people who take great care to go to the yard when certain people are less likely to be present. In the end you have to weigh up the benefits of great facilities against those of being left in peace. It can be hard to be a pioneer.

"I follow your blog and it is the one blog I always really love reading. I completely agree with what you wrote about being a "pioneer" and that it may not be popular at the livery yard etc. We have our first pony (long term loan) and I was shocked to see the reaction that many people have when I mention "natural horsemanship"." Kelly - not Marks!