Thursday, November 11, 2010

11th November, 2010 Listen!

This December's Listening Post magazine is going to be the best ever with an interview with Martin Clunes as well as articles by Monty, Nicole Golding and me. There are great give aways including a substantial discount on registration with the National Equine Crime Database, Western Riding at the Mendip Stud and as they say, much much more. In order to get your copy you need to be a member of the Intelligent Horsemanship Association which costs just £20 per year and includes loads of benefits. You can join NOW by going on to

All of this should fill you with glee, warmth and even Christmas cheer - for me though, fear and trepidation because as the new editor of the Listening Post, how on earth do I live up to that?!! I am keen to show that Intelligent Horsemanship is a strong broad organisation which lives in the real world with real horses and real people. I am hoping that the RAs will reveal some of their training secrets and the way that they have extended and evolved IH techniques for the future whilst retaining those important central concepts. I also want to know about people who have incorporated IH into their horsey businesses, be it livery, saddle fitting, veterinary or bodywork; how does the IH approach help them to help horses? At times likes this when it is pouring with rain, I thought we might be lifted by hearing about RAs and IH people who live in warmer climes - where are you Xanthe? - and in the summer, perhaps we'll go for the cooler ones. Kelly is keen that we should have some full head to heads on issues such as hot branding and the use of food in training. Watch out for fur and feathers!

If you have an IH minded article or something that you think will be of interest to IH readers, please send it to me direct at I expect in time there will be a seperate editor's e-mail address for me. Don't worry if you don't feel like a natural writer I can do all the faffing with layout, grammar and spelling - that's my job. Write as you speak about horses, with great enthusiasm......well okay, perhaps not so much in this weather but perfect for sitting by the fire and jotting down your thoughts.