Thursday, November 11, 2010

11th November, 2011 Counting my Blessings

On Monday I sank into a depression - too much pressure just for a little while and the prospect of David going away for another two weeks. Fortunately these days it passes quickly and I am surrounded by the most special people in the world. David is an amazing support and has got involved in horses when really he prefers two wheels. His infinite patience and lack of pre-conceptions makes him an excellent foal-man and teacher and means that he can cope with me too. I am a high maintenance wife! When he's away I feel as if my heart has been ripped out and at least half of my soul is with him wherever he is. Fortunately this time it is a hot country and he is going to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Saturday on Sunday. Look out for him in the crowd!

I am also blessed to have the two best girl friends I have ever had. Jenny (left) is better than she will ever know - efficient, earnest and very very competent. She's brilliant at inventing things - like woolly hoola-hoops for the ponies and a break away device for lead rein phobic ponies like Jack. She's up for anything and is as keen as me to work with the zzzzs and the farm that owns them. I value reliability and honesty. All talk, all action. She has been solidly revising for her MRPCH exams for the last 12 weeks only to find that the Stage II course has been postponed to March. She takes it on the chin and just gets on with it.

Julie has had a pretty grim year with another operation on her back which has hopefully worked this time. This has meant that she has been out of horsey action for most of the time and yet still come out and about with me. Four weeks after the last op she is down on Dartmoor with me, working with the ponies and the students and taking fantastic photos. She's a really peaceful person to be with. I love them both to bits.

I have moved so many times in my life that I have never had strong and lasting friendships before and anyway I am a bit of anti-social bod. I have a great deal of empathy with my clients and their horses and like them all enormously - most of the become friends too and I am always gratified when they come back to me years after they had their first appointment perhaps with a new horse or a new training issue. I may have a weird sense of humour, pass on some difficult news or jiggle with their long held views, nevertheless I am always there for them and their horse and generous with my time.

I have an awkward and rather involved relationship with my Mum but she perseveres with me despite everything and we both love many of the same things, in particular the written word. She is the best proof reader in the world and there aren't many of those about!

Grandpa Pye is still completely with it and wishing his legs would work better and I look forward to visiting him soon. He wants to see David's pictures from the Himalayas and engage in manly talk about engines and motorbikes. He gets a hard copy of my blog for Christmas and likes to read it day by day.

Dear Dad and Grandpa Cooper, now long gone, are both looking down from the family cloud urging me to do the right thing by horses and to be happy.

I really musn't listen to REM in the mornings.