Sunday, November 7, 2010

7th November, 2010 Honest Lee

This is Lee, a Connemara pony, who is living in a menage a quatre with the three ladies who share him, Carol, Liz and Heather. I met Heather at the Woodgreen Open Day and since then she has come out with me a few times, screamed for the Firemen and house and horse sat while I went to Dartmoor. Lee is a pony in a million, really nice to handle and apparently lovely to ride. He just has a problem about lifting up his back feet particularly when the farrier is about. We worked on asking him to lift his legs and to relax and accept contact on the inside and outside of his legs. Using an incremental approach and "clear rounds" of leg handling, we got all three sharers more confident about working with his legs. If they conitnue with this over the next few weeks before the farrier is due, gradually moving his legs about into different positions and for longer each time, everything should be a lot easier when he has his feet done.