Monday, November 1, 2010

1st November, 2010 Open Day

One extra day for David and I at the official Open Day which is organised jointly by the Dartmoor Pony Training Centre and Charlotte Faulkner, who owns all of the ponies. It is an excellent opportunity to describe what we do to the general public although whether they can truly see just how far the ponies have come in what is only two and half days training, I'm not sure. The course itself is extremely worthwhile and the tutors including myself all work for free. The foals we work with will all be sold privately and hopefully stand a much better chance of a good life from this gentle start. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BUY ONE OF THE PONIES.
The foals are a by product of the need to conserve our important moorland, mountains and forest, yet they are a useful, tenacious and pretty.
Top picture: one of our graduates from last year came back to show us his horse agility.