Monday, November 8, 2010

8th November, 2010 Buzz Word

Remind you of anyone? This is Buzz, a Quarter Horse (not an Eighth Horse like Theoden) that I was asked to assess for starting today. He is six years old so more than ready for some work and fascinated with things like the brolly and the hoops that I got out to see how brave and curious he is. Having more or less done what he likes up until now, the main areas of work are asking him to be present with humans and to accept direction from them. We took him out for a lovely walk and he didn't bat an eyelid at a tractor and trailer and wanted to touch a big white van that came past.
"Since your visit Buzz has been a lot more interested in what we have to do with him, and he really enjoyed your lesson. He really wants to work. Today we did some leading work in the dually with counted stops and asking him to turn a circle, back up and walk away from Herbie. He was a star. " AS 15.11.10