Monday, November 1, 2010

1st November, 2010 Positive Thinking

We have received an extremely positive response to the course and we are all set to do the same again next year.
Every student received a copy of my book before the course. One said "The book is fantastic - written from the heart, easy to understand and relate to and is bursting with compassion towards these ponies. A wonderful read and really set the mood for the course". K.E.
Of the course itself: "I really like the fact that ponies were not "hurried along" for the benefit of the students, which can easily happen in a course environment"(K.E.) and "there was no pressure, but secretly we had goals, we just didn't tell the ponies!"(L.S.)
"The food was good! Very important!" (L.S.) and "Everything was set up thoughtfully for ponies and people" (J.P.)
Overall: "It's a very rewarding course and very moving to work so closely with the wild ponies" (L.S.) and "I have really enjoyed it and have taken a lot away (including Chester!) from it. (K.E.)
"Many thanks for organising the super course last week. Holly enjoyed every second of it! I was amazed how much progress the foals made in just a few days. I know Holly has learnt some really valuable skills too." Katie Shellard