Saturday, November 20, 2010

20th November, 2010 Buffy and co.

We worked with 10 different equines at Vale Farm today including Buffy. For Melanie this was her birthday present (I won't say how old). She brought along her friend Sally Toye who I last met 16 years ago when I was doing an endurance ride. I remember asking her what she did for a living - she replied that she worked for Richard Branson. "Trolley Dolly" I thought, somewhat sexistly, "I'm a pilot" she added. It taught me an important lesson about women's attitudes to women and I have never forgotten it. Hopefully I have moved on A LOT since then (I should think so!!!). Sally is now a Captain flying jumbos all over the world and she rides for the English endurance team.
"Thank you I loved every second xx"MM
"What was most exciting was to see all this in its infancy and I know how successful it will be...."ST
"Had an extraordinary day yesterday training with Sarah Weston and the Zeeee's. An amazing experience and a wonderful photo opportunity too - - - - - thank you!!!" ASH