Wednesday, October 17, 2012

17th October, 2012 In which we join the Tufty Club

Another super day on the IOW. This morning I ran a long-reining session for Annie (my IOW best friend) and her friends. We worked with her New Forest pony, Magnus, who gave us his life story in pictures all the way through the session. Then we did a bit more with Theoden who I now know was a red squirrel in a former life.

This afternoon Jo and I went to Alvestone Mead Nature Reserve to see the red squirrels. I have been told to say that they are really wild, and that you have to be unbelievably quiet and skillful to spot them at all. The truth is that these clever little creatures come and nick the roasted monkey nuts out of the bag and will sit and gaze at you as they eat.

"Hi Sarah, Well you are already sorely missed and along with Theoden, were a complete and utter tonic! 
Thank you once again for a terrific and thought-provoking few days. I always look at Moose with refreshed eyes after spending time with you. That's it!............You're like an Equestrian Optrex!" AD - well, she would say that wouldn't she?!