Sunday, October 28, 2012

28th October, 2012 Great! South Run - Lest I Forget

I'm just a little bit pleased and proud of my achievement in the 10 mile Great South Run today especially as there was no horse involved. I did think I had come fourth in my age group and gender until I realised that they had put me in the 80 to 120 age group by mistake or guesswork.! Still, there were 19,000 people slower than me although some of them were carrying full breathing apparatus (might have some benefits) and wearing full fire service uniform. It was great reading other runner's backs to see who they were running for - lots of Nans and Dads, but lots of witty an  poignant ones - "A Size 10"; "A pint of Guiness" and "A Stranger" - and of course many charities were represented. I was running for my Nan who succumbed to Alzheimer's and also to put money into the research account "Lest I forget..." in the future.