Thursday, February 13, 2014

13th February, 2014 The Art of The ART

Just time for a bit of liberty work for Bella and Tracey this morning before heading off to the Fire Station where a whole heap of fire officers from all over the country were taking part in the Animal Rescue Team level 3 training which is for the most specialised members of the team.

The all important equipment dump - no good losing everything in the nettles and then tripping over it.
Turning the head collar inside out means that it can be fastened up easily on the right hand side

A shepherd's crook makes connecting the strop lines much safer on the kick side of the horse
This special sack protects the horse's eye when he's lying in the dirt and helps to keep him calm

The spreader bar has been carefully designed so that the animal can be safely released as soon as his feet touch the ground. 

Jim, in the flat cap, plays an irate farmer who would prefer to rescue his prize bull himself .
A heap of fire officers along with the training team, BEVA vet, and work experience student Holly.
To see more work of the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Animal Rescue Team, you can go to the Facebook Page: Friends of the Hampshire Animal Rescue Team Page