Saturday, February 8, 2014

8th February, 2014 Distance Learning

There's another Sarah, some distance down the motorway, who is working with two un-handled Welsh Cob foals. As well as buying a copy of my book we're in touch via Facebook and yesterday I suggested she get a long handled feather duster...these two would not let anyone near their faces before....

"I was blown away by their reaction to the duster. As I said I let them have a play with it before I even picked it up so they could see it as something non threatening and it worked like a charm. What I didn't show was what happened afterwards as I had to put my phone down. The more wary of the two allowed me to scratch his face with my hand and we stood for 5 minutes together and he allowed me to scratch gently behind his ears ... I was so excited I thought I was going to explode but obviously had to stay calm, at one point he closed his eyes and tilted his head in ecstasy !!! The larger darker foal was very curious and allowed me to start at the shoulder and scratch his chest, shoulder and neck all the while he was yawning and yawning away which I believe is another very encouraging sign. I could have carried on for hours but had to remind myself that I should keep it to half an hour and no more. I felt exhilarated and their reward was two swedes which they thought were lots of fun to roll around the stable and also jolly yummy, and also some baby carrots which i gave them on the floor as I didn't want them to associate my hand as a place they should be nipping or biting around as they are quite nippy. I can't thank you enough for offering your support. I shall never forget your kindness and I will continue to update you on our progress !! Take care Sarah, keep dry." SH