Friday, July 10, 2015

10th July, 2015 Guy-d

I am very pleased now that Henrietta is under the supervision of Guy the farrier and that I can turn to his wife, vet Amy, if we reach a point where Henrietta has to be sedated. For now he says that whilst having her feet trimmed would be desireable it is not yet absolutely essential, and that I don't have to race to get her tame. I'm happy if she makes a little progress every time I work with her or when I just interact with her in passing. She's now coming up to take small pieces of carrot when we're in the bigger paddocks and she has a real choice about whether to approach me at all. Not only that, but she's staying put while she eats it now and not backing away for a think. Today I stroked her nose just once for the very first time.

She's becoming more intrigued with people generally and stood and watched Guy trim Nettles' feet. Guy kindly sat down and let her approach him.

This afternoon a session with Kesali's friend, Copper. Copper has a tendency to pull - either to resist going forward or to go forward all on his own - so we worked on that, trying to give him greater clarity of purpose.