Thursday, July 9, 2015

9th July, 2015 Earning His Collar

What a treat this morning to go out with Amanda and her Dartmoor driving pony, Donald. He's as fit as a flea, so well behaved, and good fun too. We met at Bolderwood car park and then off across to Old House and Burley Rails before going back. It's a wonderful way to see the Forest.

Very soon Donald will have earned his collar, having been driven for twelve months and really proved himself. It will have to be tailor made for him as he is so small.

Jack and Nettles were pleased to see me when I got back...

...and Henrietta is growing more curious about what I'm up to.

She's certainly an elegant little creature...

and would make a wonderful advert for Farmplus if ever they're looking for an equine model.

She is now coming over to me and looking at me very carefully. Today she sniffed my hair and my boots (I wonder which smelled best?). She also took carrots and highly sophisticated barley rings from my hand. I'm introducing a click so that I've got that to fall back on if I need to and to make sure that in time she never expects food without hearing a click first. The other noise was the sound of her cogs whirring - she's a thinker.