Thursday, July 16, 2015

16th July, 2015 The Peanut Gallery

Welsh Section A, Peanut, lives at a local equestrian centre where they accept horses and ponies for rest and rehabilitation from the RSPCA. Backed last year, he needs some more work before he can be used for children in the riding school.

At the same time M has been looking for a pony with which to practise her IH skills and has volunteered to work with Peanut on a regular basis. We started with basic groundwork establishing forwards, backwards and sideways, as well as standing still.

He proved to be a very willing and perfect partner.

"Thanks for all your help today. I really enjoyed learning from you and working with Peanut.Tomorrow will be a great opportunity for me to practice what I learned.  I hope Peanut will think the same!" MS
" I thought I'd give you a quick update on my session with Peanut today. We worked together after my lesson and he proved to be a total star! We did everything that you taught us yesterday and he was practically perfect in every way!! (Bit like Mary Poppins!) He was completely relaxed and let me touch him all over . His backing up was second to none! I took him on a little walk around the yard for interest sake and when I returned him to the strip he wouldn't leave my side. He just stood and let me scratch his mane for a good long time while I spoke to another rider. Clearly his processing brain kicked in last night and he learned it all!" MS