Friday, May 25, 2012

25th May, 2012 Limekiln Endeavour

Scenes from my favourite five mile run. Warming up at Woodgreen Common, ponies often arrive in the mist and on hot sunny days hang out in the shade of the big oak tree or at the water trough.

Running up hill, this is Woodgreen drift pen, where the future of many of the ponies is determined.

Round the corner for the long straight slog to Hale. This is the bit I find the most arduous and I just keep running for the next tree and the one after that....

Up the hill, cross country to Hale Village School.

This is the half way mark and I sometimes wonder if I'll end up in here.....the serene graveyard at Hale. Did you know that no-one who lives in Hale can be buried in this graveyard? (That's because they are 'living'!!)

Past Hale House - an interesting shade of pink.

Downhill now past the old limekiln. Bluebell woods and deep banks all along here.

Over the cattle grid and back into Woodgreen. Resist the urge to stop at the Village Community Shop for refreshments. On a Thursday Harry the fishman comes bringing fish from Brixham and Poole.